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Raids snare 2,445 tonnes of illegal explosives

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 South China Morning Post RAYMOND LI

Mainland police have confiscated a total of 2,445 tonnes of explosives as part of a huge crackdown on illegal possession of the materials blamed for a series of fatal blasts in the past year.
The Ministry of Public Security announced yesterday that the ongoing nationwide clampdown since June had resulted in the seizure of 4.81 million detonators and the closure of 365 factories found illegally manufacturing and marketing explosive materials and devices.
A media report on Wuning county, also in Shanxi province, had found that it was a common and lucrative practice for residents to illegally store and trade in explosive materials and devices.
During the three-month operation, police also seized 257,000 guns, about half of which were homemade, confiscated 1.27 million banned knives and shut down 113 illegal gun manufacturers.
Almost 50,000 people had been detained and about 1,000 prosecuted.